Mediphysio, located in Belrose Medical centre is the local Physiotherapist you have

been looking for. Not only do we work alongside the team of GP's in Belrose

Medical Centre, we also have exclusive use of the Anytime Fitness on site to conduct

rehabilitation programs for our patients. Our therapist, Dale Rolfe, is a

Physiotherapist with Exercise Physiology training. Our treatment room is comfortable,

private and most importantly, we do not treat multiple patients at once.


The focus is completely on YOU!

A common problem seen within allied healthcare is the lack of communication between the patient and the physiotherapist. Too often, the treating therapist does not provide a clear diagnosis or treatment plan for the patient, therefore leading to dissatisfaction.

This is why MediPhysio was established; to provide optimal health care with a customer service-focus. Located within medical centres, we encourage patient compliance with direct lines of communication between referring GP and the treatment provider, but also strong communication between the therapist and patient.

Positive patient experience is vital to establish rapport, a trusted relationship and active involvement in their own healthcare.  This is where MediPhysio excels; we not only treat the condition, injury or illness, we treat the patient. We understand that ALL  patients are unique, and as a result, tailor our communications to better suit their individual needs.


The following is just a small amount of services we offer:

  • Acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries

  • Neck, upper and lower back pain

  • Workplace injuries

  • CTP (motor vehicle accident) injuries

  • Sporting injuries

  • Arthritis management

  • Post-operative treatment

  • Women's Health